Компания "ЭЛРА" (г.Санкт-Петербург, Россия) производит современные и надежные дозиметры для оперативной оценки радиоактивной обстановки и загрязненности радиоактивными источниками продуктов питания, бытовых предметов, строительных материалов и т.д.

Company "ELRA" (St. Petersburg, Russia) manufactures advanced and reliable dosimeters for rapid assessment of radioactive contamination of environment and radioactive sources of food, household items, construction materials, etc.
Our products have the following main functions:
- Digital display of dose rate of gamma radiation.
- Registration of each gamma-ray is indicated and is accompanied by an audible signal (beep can be disabled).
- Audible alarm crossing a threshold dose. The threshold for "Mobile" button can be installed one of the following values: 0,8, 1,25, 2,5, 4,0 mSv / h. For the "Gamma" threshold is 1.25.
- Indication of low battery power.